Are you the hero
of your own life?

And I don’t mean a super human hero like Spiderman or Jessica Jones. And I don’t mean an action hero like Bruce Willis in Die Hard - or even someone who jumps into raging floodwaters to saves lives.

Being heroic in your own life simply means that you are pursuing something that is important to you. And you’re pursuing it with a full heart and a tenacious spirit. Your journey is one filled with developing the noble qualities that will enable you to be the person you would most proud of being.

In fact, most heroes – including many war heroes – deny being a hero at all. Many say they were ‘just doing their job’ or ‘doing what anyone else would do’.

To deliberately try to be a hero is to play hostage to your ego. No thanks. That would be ugly.

Instead, as business owners and leaders we want to create a pathway to fulfill on the ideas we have and the future we can see. Our challenge is to find ways to beat the frustration of not succeeding, to overturn bad habits, stop burning ourselves out and not losing hope.

That can be especially hard when we are solo operators. What we do need is to take on a project that calls to us; that inspires us and is worthy of our lives - a heroic project.

"It helped me ‘unpack’ my thinking." - David Smith

"It’s given me a flying start to the year!" - Mike Allen

"I now have clarity, focus and momentum." - Taruni Falconer

"Well thought out, supportive and challenging." - Suzanne Mercier

"I got what I came for – a supportive and insightful kick up the bum!" - Sandi Givens

To fulfil our Heroic Project we also need...
How do you access this everyday – particularly when you’re feeling down and out?
You know you’re way, but what are the world’s best practices? Without insight there is no learning and no improvement.
Following a proven path is much easier than stumbling off in the dark, delaying results and sabotaging your success.
A good coach is someone who believes in you, supports you and calls you to be when it’s the last thing you feel like. 
Knowing you have to admit your actions and results is a crucial motivator - respect in the eyes of others.

These five things have all been designed into the Project Done Hero Program.

Heroic Projects

The program is based on you taking on an important (heroic) business project. It includes five two-hour weekly group-coaching sessions.

1 Start Fast - Decide on your 28-day result
2 Your Noble Quest - Choose the right result for you
3 Identify Pathways - Define your strategy
4 Spot Obstacles - Overcome your roadblocks
5 Complete Progress - Celebrate what you did and didn’t achieve

Dates and Details

All sessions are on Friday from 8:30am to 10:30am Melbourne time
Session 1 = 10 May, 2019
Session 2 = 17 May
Session 3 = 24 May
Session 4 = 31 May
Session 5 = 7 June

In each session you will work to complete set exercises that will require you to write and take notes. (Driving in your car at this time will not work.)

All sessions are delivered via Zoom so you can access from anywhere, avoid travel time and even stay in your pajamas if you wish.

A recording of each session will be available so you can revisit it again later.

Between sessions you are expected to tackle your project like there is no tomorrow. And we can stay in touch via a private Facebook group. This is your chance to ask questions, share wins and overcome any obstacles you face.

This Program is for...

This is a business program. While the spinoff is personal development (you will grow and learn proven strategies to get more done), the project you will create needs to have some business angle to it.

This is a group-coaching program. To participate fully you will need to share your results (or lack of them) during each session. Further, you will need to be open to coaching by me with other people present. This may include a gentle nudge or it may include calling you out for action that is not serving you. I will have your best interests at heart.

Also, this is for committed individuals. Life is short. Don’t play small.

Special Offer

The program investment is only $198, including GST. That's $18 per hour of session time.  Plus, it's limited to a maximum of 10 people to ensure you receive personal attention. And for the May 2019 program only you'll receive a bonus of 12 months access to our members video and other resources (valued at $97).