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If traditional productivity methods don’t work for you… Download this special summary of Geoff McDonald’s brilliant book Done and in less than 30 minutes find out why you fail to finish your projects and what to do about it. Then, each week we’ll send you our latest productivity practice in our Weekly Done series to help you get more done in less time with less effort and fewer resources.

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Done – The Book

Done book by Geoff McDonald

Oh what a remarkable book—fresh, relevant, practical and compelling. If traditional productivity methods don’t work for you, read this book. I’m so glad I did.

Dr Jason Fox, Keynote Speaker of the Year (2016) and bestselling author of How to Lead a Quest

Geoff has a masterpiece in this book. Packed with valuable tangible content together with true life stories is the perfect mixture for another outstanding book from Geoff. I recommend when reading it to take notes, listen to the advice and know that the writer has been there, gone through and lived every moment. Highly recommended.

Sam Cawthorn, CEO & Founder Speakers Institute, Best Selling Author of Bounce Forward, Young Australian of the Year

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Done RAPs

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